Warden Management

Digital Warden Management & Ongoing Automated Verification

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Warden Management

Do you know if your buildings wardens are current, trained or on-site to manage an emergency should it arise?


Simplifying Warden management, training & currency through a simple to use digital register. Our online Warden Management tool enables remote access, self-registration, and automated training & verification for ease of use, accountability and peace of mind.


Developed by Hendry emergency planning and preparedness training experts, HendryIQ increases engagement, efficiency in training and scalability in learning and development programs. Engage your staff, contractors or inductees in learning more effectively and efficiently and receive real-time data on performance and completion schedules.

Here's how it all works

Through customised hierarchy creation and multiple functions to update, register and qualify users, you can ensure your Warden levels are maintained and Wardens are trained. Automated controls are also in place to ensure you and your asset’s requirements are covered.


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Developed by Hendry emergency planning and preparedness training experts, HendryIQ:

  • See real-time preparedness
  • Percentage of wardens trained
  • Ability to amend EMP & PEEPS
  • Automated, self managed warden list management
  • On-going validation and alerts
  • Access support from Hendry’s team

Training tailored for your outcomes.

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