Know your practitioner: How to partner for maximum benefit

Whether you are going to work with or work for an organisation in the built-form industry (or any industry), you should be able to assess their reputation, their principles and the quality of works on which that reputation is based. The effect which your suppliers and partners may have on your reputation is equally crucial but perhaps overlooked.

This is the principle of reputational capital or reputation by association. You trust in the direction of the companies which you align with, so you should expect that the company’s reputation will be backed by their ability to deliver work to the highest level.

Everyone in the industry wants to be at the top of their game; pioneers of industry acting as a benchmark for a reliable standard of quality and absolute adherence to a leading code of ethics, company and employee alike.

Selecting the best practitioners to support your projects will guarantee the highest level of quality and an effective aversion to risk, a decision which could ultimately reflect upon your company’s image and the projects delivered.

Built-Form advisory firms for example are relied upon for their greater awareness of the building, construction and certification sectors, the policies and regulations which govern it and any current areas of concern, whether they relate to regulations or professional conduct.

It is therefore pertinent to seek organisations which prise quality without compromise, a commitment which should be reflected in their insurance history and reputation within the industry.

So, what sets a leading organisation apart?

Employees: Regarded as reputable and experienced in their field, practitioners should have an active voice throughout the industry and serve as contributors in key discussions of best practice, policy, innovation and the management of current issues. The ability to verify their current status as a practitioner, including their registration and performance record, is integral to establishing a trusting and productive relationship.

Performance Record: Organisations like Hendry are proud of our zero claims record, which is a key element in our ability to deploy our experts across a range of scenarios throughout the built-form and have complete confidence in their work and practice.

Leaders of Industry: It is important to observe how and where an organisation is associated with key industry groups, boards and committees. Anyone with a seat at key industry forums or panels will likely be involved in the creation of new policy or guidelines and would have been chosen for their comprehensive experience, the understanding of policy and the industry landscape first hand, not purely academically.

Major Projects: All of the points above are important in principle, but the proof is very much in the execution of each of these components. This is no more important or clear than in the observable quality which can be seen in the final solution. As an organisation’s or practitioner’s portfolio of experience grows, so too should their ability to develop client-centric solutions which provide more value than just “ticking regulatory boxes”.

It goes without saying that Hendry is dedicated to practicing what we preach. We are combining our expertise with technologically driven innovation to provide an integrated, whole of life approach to safeguard your asset portfolio and exceed value expectations for your projects.

We have passionate thought leaders and experts on panels that govern industry, as well as work to drive change for safer, smarter and most sustainable buildings, cities and communities for all.

Call our expert team today 1800 875 371 to discuss how we can work together and deliver solutions in keeping with the best of practice.


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