Cladding Update – Safer Buildings

With the recent Registration date of 29 march 2019 passing, Building Owners and Body Corporate or property managers now move into the next phase of the Safer buildings and combustible cladding requirements.

Phase 2 of the requirement has a deadline of 29th of May. By this date building owners must complete Part 2 of the online cladding checklist and provide a Form 34 building industry professional statement. A building industry professional is to provide a building owner with the statement in the approved form following assessment of the building.

So who is a Building Industry Professional?

The Building Regulations have included the definition of a Building Industry professional as

  • A building Certifier (level 1)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes:
    • Builder Open
    • Builder design open
    • Fire safety professional
  • An Architect
  • A registered engineer in:
    • Civil engineering
    • Fire Engineering
    • Fire Safety
    • Structural engineering

For buildings no more than 3 storeys and less than 2000m2 is

  • A building certifier (level 2)
  • A QBCC licensee in at least 1 of the following classes:
    • Builder medium rise
    • Builder design medium rise

As a registered Building Certifier (Level 1) and fire safety professional, Hendry can assist with this phase 2 of the safer buildings requirements.

Combustible Cladding Checklist QLD

The Combustible Cladding Checklist has 3 parts. Building Owners may not have to complete all 3 parts.
Where no combustble external cladding has been used, buiding owners can exit after part 1.
The Safer Buildings website will indicate whether you need to complete parts 2 and 3 of the checklist.


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